How to turn an external USB GPT into MBR hard disc? Get full capacity


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I have got a 3TB hard disc which contains a 750 GB GPT partition.
It is not my first main hard disk but an external USB hard disk.
My first main hard disk based on MBR.

With a tool like Easeus Partition Manager I deleted the existing GPT partition on the new external USB hard disk and turned the GPT hard disk into a MBR harddisc.

It worked.

However after that the available total unallocated size is now only 750 GB.

How can I unveil the full capacity of 3TB?

Currently no partitions are shown on that hard disk in Easeus Partition manager


Joe S

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I don't know for sure but WD has a format tool for their drives that has an option to format disks larger than 2T for use on 32 bit XP. Why did you need to change from GPT to MRB?

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