Windows 7 how to uninstall


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Jan 22, 2009
been having ALOT of bugs with win7 so would like to go back to good ol' XP so how do i uninstall win7 formatting the HDD is not a big problem.

-------this will wipe all data on the drive -------

put ya windows xp cd in the dvd drive and reboot, wipe out the partitions at the select installation location section and create new ones, and away you go......

ok this is wierd, i tried booting off the XP CD and nothing happens it just goes into the windows 7 as normal so i then tried to install off the disk and get the message " a newer version of windows is already installed setup cannot complete"

check ya bios to make sure the dvd is first in the boot priority list.

you wont be able to do this in windows....

just change the CD as 1st boot but same problem, should i hook up an empty HDD and disconnect my current one?

ok thats certainly an option, you could also try using a msboot disk and use fdisk to format the drive prior to launching xp installer.

k i put in a extra HDD, disconnected my other one, booted from the disk and this time i get a "bootmgr is missing" how do i fix this ?

Try this page as this guy is very knowledgeable about instating and uninstalling many types of operating systems. Complete step-by-step instructions are given,.

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its giving you that message because theres no os installed on the drive and its trying to boot from it,
you need to recheck your bios settings for the dvd/cd drive as it doesnt seem to be loading the xp disc before looking elsewhere,