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Windows 7 How to use .MDF files


New Member
Feb 23, 2009
I was recently trying to install a program that was packed as a mdf-image. It turned out that there are no mdf-mounting programs available that work with Windows 7 (build 7000). I think a lot of people have the same problem, so I decided to share my solution with you:

Download PowerISO.
Rename your image [filename].mdf to [filename].iso.
Mount the iso-image with PowerISO.

I agree it is a quick and dirty way of solving the problem, but since I believe there are no other solutions, this is the way to go ;)
I manged to get the file type changed but it still gives the same error for me. I'm using 7057 build.
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FIX: Daemon Tools for .MDF image mount in Windows 7

Do this:

1. Download latest SPDT drivers here: Link Removed
* Don't worry if it doesn't list Windows 7 as a supported platform, it still works
* Reboot after install

2. Install Daemon Tools Lite
* That's it!

Tried all kinds of software (Magic ISO, Power ISO, Ultra ISO, etc) before I found this fix.