How to View PDF Thumbnails in Windows 7 32-bit Systems?


I've spent the last couple of days trying desperately to resolve this issue. I have looked everywhere but cannot find an answer...
PROBLEM: I have thousands of PDFs in hundreds of folders. When I go to a particular folder, I use the slider to change the Explorer views from "Content" to "Extra Large Icons" but cannot get a thumbnail preview of the PDFs - all I see is an Acrobat Icon preview.
I know that this is an issue on the X64-bit verson of Windows 7, but I'm running 32-bit Windows 7 (Ultimate)!
ATTEMPTS: I've tried several ways to resolve this but nothing worked so far. Specifically, I:
1. Made sure that the File Type Associations are correct.
2. Unchecked Folder options>View>"Always show icons, never thumbnails".
3. Made sure that Folder options>View> "Display file icon on thumbnails" is checked.
4. Made sure that Performance>Settings>"Show thumbnails instead of icons" is checked.
5. Tried the simple method suggessted at other forums: going into Adobe and opening the directory to preview the files as thumbnails from there and then refreshing the folder in Windows Explorer to display a thumbnail preview of the PDF file - Didn't work either!
6. Ran "Repair Acrobat Installation".
7. Uninstalled and Reinstalled Acrobat 9 (including associated registry files).
8. Installed the latest version of Reader.
9. Tried installing other software (PDF-XChange and Foxit) but these don't create PDF thumbnails in Windows Explorer either.

Please note that all other files (such as JPGs and WMVs) show thumbnails as usual in my Windows Explorer.
Also, there appears to be an unofficial fix but it only addresses X64 systems
Fixes for 64-bit Adobe Reader preview handler and thumbnails
Can ANYONE please HELP? I want my thumbnails back. :(

Thanx in advance!

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