How would you protect your hard drive?


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Last night I was watching a TV show and the cops were struggling with getting access to the data on the computer because they couldn't get past the password.

How many times have we seen that scene?

I boot into computers all the time using my Ubuntu USB drive, bypassing the pass word completely.
It gives me access to everything on the computer.

Now encrypted files would be different, but getting into a computers hard dives shouldn't be that hard.

My question is, is there a way to protect your computer from being access like that?

Or to protect a hard drive so it can't be read when plugged into another computer using a USB adapter?



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On a Windows system the ONLY 100% way is a deep level format... not something most people would do as that removes the data instead of locking it... this is why most people that use their system for private or illegal activity are moving towards mobile apps… non US phones can be removed from the grid and transfer data between themselves without using a selltower, then the phone is wiped (and often just trashed for security) after the data is passed on.