Human Readable EULA (End-user license agreement)

I always liked how easy and human readable creative commons license pages, see for example Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

I only wish they make every license like this, as i am not ready to read long text full of legal jargon's

See for example this Windows Vista EULA

Why Microsoft don't make the EULA something like this:


Nice -- but what would all the sleazebag lawyers have to do all day -- devise more laws to add yet MORE DRM to music, hassle that well known "Nautical Site" again or provide new restrictions on how we play DVD's.

Brilliant idea but misusing the Internet isn't part of Microsoft's remit as a Software manufactuer.

When you buy a Gun it doesn't say on the sales slip - Not to be used for killing people

Same for a Car.

However the IDEA was great.

I wish user Manuals were as clear.



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EULAs usually aren't written by humans so why would you think humans should be able to read them?

Hmm, i, personally, read those EULA's very rarely. What do i think about that "i agree/ i do not agree"?
Why do all cmpanys put that licence agreement in their installations? It is not even possible to install program without agreeing. If somebody choose "i do not agree" then why did he buy or downloaded that software? The only reason-stupid?

I don't know of ANYONE who actually reads these. I personally just scroll down to the bottom for those who require it to be done so that it thinks you did read it and hit Agree. 90% of the time their all the same, just changed the company name, etc.

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