Windows 7 I can connect to router, network shares, but no Internet?


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Feb 14, 2009
I'm running Windows 7 on my Asus laptop with the Intel 5100 AGN card. Being that it's a laptop, it gets moved around a lot and connects to several networks. When I get to a new location, I resume from standby and it automatically connects to the wireless network. However, sometimes I will only have Internet access for a few minutes before it suddenly and mysteriously stops working. Any active connects will remain active (VPN, etc) and functional, but I cannot make new connections. Rarely, if I just wait I'll be able to use the Inernet after ten minutes or so, but only for a short period before it disconnects again without notice. A restart will fix the issue, and it doesn't seem to reappear unless I make mess with the network (like turning the wireless off and plugging the wired in) or if I enter standby. Doesn't occur every time though.

The whole time this is happening I can still access local network locations like the router's web-interface, and local machines connected to the same network. This also occurs with my wired connection, apparently, because it just now stopped working.

I've disabled the "let windows turn this device off to save power" option on both network adapters. No problems getting an IP address, but cannot surf. Doing ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew does not help either. Happens with the latest Intel Vista drivers and the Windows 7 drivers from Windows Update. The "proxy" option in the internet options doesn't fix it either.

Any suggestions?
You may have conflict with DCHP and DNS IPv4 addresses. Try starting up with a basic network config and test prior to adding addtional access points etc.
I seem to have found a workaround to the problem, now that I have narrowed down the problem.

The issue occurred whenever the network adapter I wanted to use had been turned off prior to me wanting to use it (either by using the switch on the laptop for the wireless, or letting Windows turn either device off to save power). I already told Windows not to turn the devices off. But now if I want to use the wired connection I tell Windows to disconnect from the wireless network instead of just turning the wireless card off. I haven't been able to test this too extensively yet, but it seems to be a stable way to switch without requiring a restart. Later I will see if I can get online if I tell Windows to disconnect, turn the wireless card off and then turn it back on and then reconnect.

It does sound like I have the usual problem that others have when the adapters are powered off and getting an IP... maybe Windows 7 doesn't realize that it has an invalid IP address or something like that? Because when I can't get on the Internet it still claims I am connected to a network and I can still successfully connect to local machines and transfer files, etc, and all pre-established connections such as VPNs still function.
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