Windows 7 i can-t change transparency and color for taskbar

Help me please !
First of all, sorry for my bad english.
I reinstall windows (format on C) and i can-t change transparency and color for taskbar.
I make this steps
1. right click on desktop
2. choose personalize
3. i use a theme can run aero (i have the hardware for this).
4. at window color show a different color for my taskbar color... (HERE IS THE PROBLEM).
When i click to chose another color appear this ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
this thing happend for all themes.
How can i fix it ?


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You need to install your graphics drivers


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Is this a 3rd party theme? I.E. One you have downloaded from the internet that is not a Microsoft / Windows theme?

If that is the case there are three system files that need to be 'patched' to enable the use of 3rd party themes.

There are several utilities you can download to do this but my personal favourite is the Universal Theme Patcher by DeepXW. I've uploaded it to MediaFire where you can download it.

AMD drivers here:

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Is this them : ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
This them appear from begining when i install windows.

I install drivers from here (i downloaded from the first button)
ATI RadeonPackage Includes: Display Driver
OpenCL Driver
ATI Integrated Driver
Catalyst Control Center
(English Language Only)
It's enoght this drivers?


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No that is a Windows own theme, it was just a thought on 3rd parties.

And yes, if you have Windows 7 64bit those are the right drivers for your graphics card.

[HR][/HR]I install another them.
I install drivers from here
I logg of and logg on
And working great.

BUT after restart or stop and start again my pc the problem persist.
Taskbar appear again with no transparency and i can't change color.
What is to do ?

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