I tunes on vista ultimate 64 bit

Can anyone tell me how to patch or install I-tunes on my vista 64 bit???
I can download the program but it doesnt see my I-phone when I plug it in to sync??????

Please help, its my kids phone and she driving me crazy.



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I'm not sure if there's any problems associated with using 64bit Vista but try different USB ports. I had to do this until mine was recognised although I'm using 32bit Vista. The ports which eventually saw the device were located at the back of the computer.

I just tried 'Googling' your particular problem and it seems that presently there is no support for the iphone under 64bit. Check out this page here: 64bit iphone - Google Search=
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Perhaps a friend or relative has a pc using 32bit you could use?
You'd think they would write stuff like this on the box!

Thanks for your help, it seems there is no support so I will take your advise and use my wifes computer, I am regretting useing 64bit , i see no advantages to an avg user like me. Oh well i wont have to upgrade for awhile.

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