I Want To Break a RAID 1 Set Into A Single Drive System? How?


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I want to remove one of the HDD's of my Raid 1 set converting it to a single drive system.
Can I do this seamlessly without a format and reloading of everything?
I need one of the drives elsewhere. I don't care about the data on it.

Windows Seven Pro
Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
HDD's - Western Digital 750GB RE3
The onboard Intel Raid


Every thing I've read on RAID 1, is for redundancy and that all the data is on both drives (2 copies). So if one drive fails, you can just hot swap the drive and it should rebuild the RAID automatically. So in theory it would seem what you're asking is possible. I'm no expert on RAID and never used it myself, so giving advice on the subject is rather moot. The only thing I can say is to try it, first create a system image (backup), then pull a drive and see. Good luck.


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Thanks, I want the RAID1 to be gone forever on this machine. Would be nice if its as simple as pulling one and letting the BIOS see it as a non-RAID system with no formatting or OS reload.

Personally, If it were my setup, I would infact pull the drive and reformat it (on all the drives in the RAID), just for the piece of mind factor. You just don't know what will happen later on down the road with the data.


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I want to keep the system running like it is with just one of the drives, and use the other for something else. I am trying to find out if I can pull one without losing the system.
Is it possible to go from a RTAID1 array to a single drive system with out formatting?

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