I would like to know more about VMWare Player, and other important info as well

I would like to know about VMWare Player. First of all, I would like to know about the bios setup in VMWare. Now what I want to know is if the bios acts the same as the actual bios setup in my computer. And also, there is a Wake on Lan option in the VMWare player bios setup. Now does this really work and wake up other computers when they are off or in standby? That is what I really want to know from you. And I also would like to know on what kind of computer manufacturers work with my VMWare player.

Does HP, Dell, Acer, Asus and all the rest of the companies work together. Like lets say that I downloaded Windows 7 and put in my VMWare player, and then I went to my system properties, what would the computer manufacturers be? Like what would it say? Well for my computer I have an Acer Aspire 5733z model notebook. Now lets say that I downloaded a driver, like a lan card adapter for a Dell Optiplex computer. Would I be able to download that driver on my VMWare Player? Because I know that VM Player is virtual, and it is not my actual computer, which is my Acer Aspire 5733z. It is just powered by VM Ware.

Now for example, my Dad at work has a Dell Inspiron mini netbook, which is a 1012 model. And he has a Dell wireless lan card in his computer at work. And I also installed Team Viewer on his netbook computer. Now like every time he goes home and leaves work, he shuts down his computer, and his Team Viewer ID number goes away. And I do not like that at all when he shuts down his computer. Because once, it is shut down, I cannot make his ID number come back online, because his computer is off at work.

Now what I was wondering was does the Dell wireless lan card have Wake on Lan settings on it in the properties of the network adapter? Because I tried everything to wake up and turn on his computer, but nothing just would work for me. By the way, he is not on a Lan, he is using a wireless connection, from a Dell wireless lan card, itself in his Dell Inspiron 1012 mini netbook computer.

Now I would really like to know on how to wake his computer up, if it is possible. So just let me know on how to do this for me, step-by-step. All righty? And I would think that VMWare player works just like an actual computer with the bios setup, and everything. And if I download a certain driver, that should work too, I am assuming. So just let me know if this process will work. So that is that part.

Now the next part I would like to know from you, is I want to get some Mac addresses from certain people. Like because I have a lot of friends, and they need some help on various things on how to troubleshoot issues on their computers. And for this I would need to use Remote Desktop. But lets say that their computer was off, and not turned on, and I needed to turn it on. Could I turn on their computer remotely with their mac address if I knew it? But I am assuming that I can turn on any computer if I had their mac address.

And I do not have a Wake on Lan option in my actual real bios setup. So for that, I would have to enable the Wake on Lan in my VMWare player bios setup. The VMWare bios setup is by American Megatrends. So that should work. But mainly what I am saying here is that, I would like to know on how to get someone's mac address, by using an IP scanner, or a mac address scanner. Well anyway, sorry for the long letter. So please get back to me ASAP on this, it is very important to me as well. And just explain to me on how this all works. I will be waiting for my response from you. So thank you very much! :confused: :( :D

Joe S

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You'll probably get better answers over at the VMware forum. They have some really knowledgable people there.

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