Windows 7 ICSE 2011: Victor Pankratius - Developing Manycore Applications with Auto-Tuners


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Continuing on with our coverage of ICSE 2011, meet Dr. Victor Pankratius. Dr. Pankratius heads the Multicore Software Engineering investigator group at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany. He also serves as the elected chairman of the Software Engineering for parallel Systems (SEPARS) international working group. Dr. Pankratius' current research concentrates on how to make parallel programming easier. His work on multicore software engineering covers a range of research topics including empirical studies, auto-tuning, language design, and debugging.
In this video, Wolfram Schulte joins Victor to discuss the challenges of making concurrency easier for developers. One of the really interesting approaches that Victor and team are investigating is concurrency auto-tuning, and the example discussed here involve adding OS kernel-level support for auto-tuning user mode applications for manycore processor architectures. This is very fascinating research with great potential.

Thanks to Wolfram and Victor for another great conversation. Tune in.


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