Windows 7 IE 8 Refuses to launch


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I am asking for suggestions. I had no issues at first but suddenly IE 8 refuses to open. I have tried safe mode, reset, and just about everything else I can think of. I really like 7 and was about to move everything across from dual boot XP when this happened.

Also I think my issue may be linked to user accounts / admin priviledges as this has stopped working as well.

Grateful for any contributions

Hi Johnboy.
You didn't actually mention what happens when you double-click/single-click on the IE icon. Does the hour-glass icon appear for a moment, then simply nothing at all? Does it appear with an error messege and then close?

I have two suggestions for you:

1) Open your task manager (right-click anywhere that's empty on your start bar and click on 'task manager'. Go to 'processes' at the top, and find "Iexplore.exe" and shut it down. If there is nothing listed whatsoever, it sounds like IE has an issue actually starting.
As a precaution, make sure you've downloaded every update that Windows Updates has within for you.

2) Open your start menu and type in Internet Explorer. Try running the 64-bit version. Flash isn't supported just yet for a 64-bit browser, but at least you MAY have a browser that works.

Reply here if there's anything that you run into... and even if it works, let us know! :D
Thanks for your response Cinderwolf,

When I double/single click the hourglass appears for a split second then nothing. I have tried both your suggestions - nothing showing in processes for Iexplorer. Nothing happening on your second point either. I am running a dual boot with XP and only provided 7 with a 20gb partition to test. I am now committed to converting 7 to my mainstream OS on a much larger partition so will be reinstaling 7 anyway leaving XP as a slimmed down back up.

I have issues with starting user accounts / firewalls / restore etc so I think I have a major glitch which will take more time to resolve than a complete reinstall. I had a few problems with the original instal eventually narrowing it down to instal with only one of my 4 memory sticks in situ replacing other 3 after successful instal. I think I will try creating a system image before starting to load programmes so that I have a fresh start point if the new instal repeats my problem.

Once again many thanks for your suggestions


Yes, if you're having that many problems, it might be best to do a fresh "clean" install.

I would suggest no less than 40GB for the Windows 7 partition.