Windows 7 IE8 Beta broken -- IE8 RC1 is fine.


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Jan 20, 2009
Hi everybody -- a number of issues that I had with IE8 beta seem now to be all fixed in the RC1 version of IE8 (available for VISTA and XP).
There's no upgrade to IE8 RC1 in W7 Beta Build 7000.
Anybody whose running a later build of of W7 (either x-32 which is also available "at the Jolly Roger") or from Internals could they say whether the IE8 build version is the same as the one on the W7 Beta build 7000 or a later build.

Hey Jimbo. Can I download the latest IE8 to use with build 7000? It seems as if I can't play MSN videos in my particular flavor of IE8. Thanks in advance!
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