Windows 7 Ie8

My advice: don't use it. Firefox is traditionally more secure, faster, and more stable. Until it's proven to be inferior to IE, I won't switch back. IE is integrated into the OS, which poses greater security hazards. FF is not. FF plays animation like .gif and flash more smoothly, and it can be customized for greater speed and practicality. I've been using it for years now and I am very happy with its performance. I love windows, I hate IE. My only issue with FF is that occasionally updates for plug-ins like Flash come out late and on a couple of occasions I didn't install an update because it wasn't compatible with an add-on I was using and I experienced a lot of crashes. That's the other side of the coin I guess.
I've never had any problems with mine, but I do agree that Firefox is much better.

You can also add security features to Firefox to make it even more secure as well as tons of add-ons.
I've got three problems with IE 8.

1. One website I got to (Ranger-Forums) will show the basic forums, but not the individual posts, it throws up a white screen and covers the post. Works fine with Firefox.

2.CBS News website, the archived news video's won't open up to a full screen, doesn't open up with Firefox either, so it's a W7 problem, it works great with XP and Vista.

3. CNN news video's won't play with IE8, but play fine with Firefox.

Other than that, IE8 works great for me, and I'm using it quite regularly.

I don't have a problem with the IE8 beta. I had one website that didn't display properly but clicking on compatibilty mode made it work fine. I'm sure with the passion required to use Firefox that some hate IE8, and Microsoft for that matter, but I'm not one of them.
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