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I have Windows 7, Internet Explorer 9 RC (IE9), I installed the latest Flash player 10.2 and for the lst week everytime I go to watch a YouTube video, during playback every few seconds through out the video my screen goes black, comes back and the Windows Task bar and desktop comes back black and then comes normal with an error Saying: ATI Mobility Radeon Series has failed and recovered Sucessfully. What would be causing it. I didn't do it in IE9 Beta. Where would I get an Updated driver for ATI Mobility Radeon x1150 or the X1050 Series graphics chips, For Windows 7 x64? the laptop is a HP Compaq nx6325

Edit: I tried the compatibility mode in IE9, It fixes it for awhile and then the problem comes back

Edit: the BSOD File is included:


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Looking at your specs form HP/ doesn't support windows 7 drivers. You might try the Vista 64 bit driver. It's the 10.2 version, found here. I had a heck of a time tracking it down. It's under Mother board chipsets, radeon xpress series, 1150.

ATI Catalyst

I've downloaded and Installed the Vista 64bit Driver, It seems to have worked, Post back if I have anymore troubles, Funny that the Windows Vista x64 Driver Works with Windows 7 x64 and the new IE9 RC and Adobe Flash 10.2 Player, when the Windows 7 x64 Driver for my card of the Windows Driver update doesn't work. Well it did Until I Installed both IE9 RC and Flash Player 10.2

I noticed that the Driver For Windows 7 x64 from Windows update was dated 18/2/2007
The Driver for Windows Vista x64 is dated 22/2/2010 so the Vista x64 is newer than whatever the one that I downloaded from Windows update when I Installed Windows 7 back last March.

Thanks for Finding it, I spent hours looking for a Driver But I could only find x86 and x64 for Windows XP and only x86 for Windows Vista. Not the first time I had this problem, both the Wireless Broadcom and the ethernet Drivers where hard to find, so I used Vista's drivers and they work. I think I'll be getting a new Lappy when I upgrade to Windows 8.

This laptop was designed for Windows XP and was Windows Vista Capable, and it is now running Windows 7 Pro x64. This Laptop is a early 2007 model, so 4 years now but I bought it as a $350 Special second hand of ebay march last year. It came with Windows XP Pro x86 and 1 GB Ram and 100GB HDD. Since I've upgraded it for a further $300 to Windows 7 Pro x64, 4 GB ram and 320GB HDD and runs like new, I doubt It'll run Windows 8 though. :)

Glad your all fixed up now....

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