IE9 Wont show a framed page...


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Hi Guys,

I wonder if anyone of you chaps could help me with a website I have built.

When the site is viewed in FireFox or Chrome the site display and works correctly :)
When I view it is IE9 it only shows the header menu - take a look for yourselves.

Lethem Christian Consultancy

Its only started doing this since I installed IE9

Any ideas?



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It's been YEARS since I coded HTML but I looked at your code and saw that you are using an old version of HTML (4) and that you are using framesets as supposed to iframes. I read others that reported this bug to Microsoft and no real answer was replied (that I could find). Maybe this will help:

Framesets date back to the early days of html. They are disliked by experts in webpage construction now because they have limited features and make serious problems for search engines. The main purpose is to avoid repeating parts of a page that occur on many pages of a website by setting a separate html page(s) in a frame(s) so that the repeated part(s) only have one source page so that later editing does not require every page to be edited.

An iFrame is similar to a frameset except that it does not need a separate frameset page with a frameset Doctype. The iFrame is inserted in a normal HTML page and can be inline with other text or flow with the order of div boxes.

Read more here:


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Cheers Mate,

I will convert it to iFrames :) Just seems strange that IE9 dont work, was just wondering why it didn't - Do you see the same problem in IE9?



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Yes, same problem here. When I click on a control, it opens it in a new window in IE9 as supposed to it's frame on the same page.


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I would recommend this as opposed to IFRAME if you have PHP functionality on the web server.

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