If it's not broke don't fix it

Who in the Microsoft organisation is actually working for Apple, Each operating system that comes on line they take software that works really well and fix it to give us PAYING consumers headaches. Why have they done this with Windows Mail/Contacts in Vista now Windows Live in 7. Windows Mail worked very well and was straight forward to use. But my main head ache is with Windows live contacts when it was Windows Contacts in Vista I could sync perfectly with my iPhone now in Windows 7 no syncing at all.
I welcome any suggestions to cure this problem short of buying more software.:(

Joe S

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I think it is due to the Super Whiners in the EU that made a big deal about IE being installed on Windows and caused a lot of legal work. Probably just a bone MS threw to try and pacify them and their endless monoply suits.

I'm using Windows 7-32 bit and everything I throw at it works fine. I have no burning desire to go with the 64 bit version. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


Vista shows us that non MS software may have problems, what annoys me with Microsoft is when their own software does not remain compatible with the new OS.

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