Windows 7 Imaging a VM, What are my disk drives

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    I'm doing a Windows 7 tutorial. In it I'm imaging a Windows 7 Virtual Machine. I rebooted the VM and booted from my physical WinPE CD.

    The book SPTK 70-680 (Ian McLean) gives pretty good instructions but I have different drive letters than what’s in the book.
    The book says to enter
    e:\imagex.exe /capture c: d:\images\myimage.wim “Canberra Windows 7 Install” /compress fast /verify

    But then I have to change the drive letters in the command. How do I see "my computer" from the WinPE dot prompt?

    When I booted the VM off of my WinPE physical CD, then I see
    D: system files, no label
    E: CD ROM
    X: boot

    When my VM is booted into Windows 7 (not off of WinPE CD) I see
    C: system files
    D: CD drive
    E: a new drive I created, because I want to send the image there.

    I need to know
    1. The drive with the physical CD - E:
    2. The drive letter of what I will image
    3. The drive letter of where I send the image

    How can I do that?

    Virtual Box 3.2.12
    Windows 7 Enterprise
    Book: Exam 70-680, Configuring Windows 7, Self Paced Training Kit, Ian McLean

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