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Inactive Accounts Purged

Please note: If you have made even one post on the website, you need not read ahead.

Hi! We have recently removed forum accounts that did not have any posts. If you had recently registered, but did not post a message on the forums themselves and cannot access your account, you will need to create a new account.

Forgot Your Password?

If you believe that you have only lost your password, visit Lost Password Recovery Form - Windows 7 Forums. If your e-mail address is not detected in our system, and you cannot log in, you may create an account to resolve this issue.

Who does this change concern?

This change only concerns any registered user that has never made a post on the website whatsoever. These account have been removed from our database today.

What does this mean?

From time to time, to avoid spam registrations, we purge any accounts that do not have forum posts on file. Even if you registered earlier today and did not yet post a message, your account has been removed. In general, it is good that we remove zero poster accounts that have no measurable usage or contribution posted in any way.

Where do I find a way to access my account?

If you believe that your account has been deleted, you can simply re-create the account, but you should check first before doing so. Remember, this change only effects users that have not made any posts.

Why is this announcement being made?

This announcement has been made on November 14th, 2011 to answer any questions new or old members may have about why they cannot access their account if they simply did not use it to post any forum messages. This is not typical of our members, as most people who do register for a username do, in fact, post some kind of message.

These steps were taken for anti-spam enforcement: to isolate and remove spam bots that the admin team detected in our system. Accounts that have made at least one post will never have issues with these measures. Spam bots are known to target forums and often embed themselves by automatically filling out the registration form. They then target areas of the website for spam purposes, but thanks to our dedicated team of moderators, technology, and spam detection, the messages usually do not get through. Thus, the account lingers in the database with zero posts.

Thank you for support and continued use of the website.

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