Increase Your Wireless Range; Cost Effective

FWIW, small cost to dramatically increase your wireless modem/router's range.

For me, when I initially purchased and installed my ActionTec GT704-WG router, naturally it came with the standard antenna.
While trying to use a wireless modem in my sons PC, 30' away in his room, the connectivity was very limited if nothing at all and my laptop, pretty much had to be in the same room as the router. Very disappointed.
I then purchased an Extended Range Antenna for about a buck on Amazon (new)
Extended Range Antenna.jpg

I was, to say the least, very impressed by this modest investment.
My sons PC has full connectivity and I can take my laptop outside and at least 20-30' down the driveway before losing the connection.


Certain systems do require the extra signal strength. There are various types of extended range antennas available in the market with slim design which allows unobtrusive installation. They include mounting hard wares and can be mounted indoors and outdoors.

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