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I currently have the following:
CPU – Intel Core2 Quad6600
Mother Board – GigaByte GA-EP35C-DS3R
Ram – Cosair - Twin 2X2048 –PC 6400 C4 (DDR2)
I do not “Gameâ€Â￾, I use the PC for watching video clips, Sound
and Word 2007, Excel, downloading Binaries etc.
Windows 7 Untimate - 64 Bit
I’m wondering what the benefits of increasing the ram to either 4GB or
8GB most likely 8GB would be.
Also, going from DDR2 to DDR3. I would purchase 4 – 2GB sticks

Can't answer the ddr2 to ddr3 has to meet your computers specs. Also there is a limit as to how much memory you can have depending on your computer specs.

More memory will give you fewer freezeups. The aero both in vista and windows 7 uses a lot of memory. Close to 1GB if I recall and that in itself freezes a lot of people. (Thus the complaints of vista). I have 8GB versus two on laptop and I can tell a huge difference when running multiple programs at once.

ONe of the things windows 7 does is ease multiple program usage.


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Thanks for the reply. My M/B will allow DDR2 and DDR3.. I know DDR3 would be faster but
is the extra cost worth it, compared to DDR2 ?????

Also, is there a great advantage of increasing from 2GB of DDR2 ram to 4 or 8GB DDR3???

I would like to pay a large extra cost to go from say 0-60 in 10 sec to 0-60 in 9 seconds.

That's the million dollar question.


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I also forgot to mention that I do not get any freeze ups, yet under Win7! If I purchase DDR3 I could use it with my next


To the best of my knowledge, Unless you have over 3 gb ram, Win 7 64 runs the same as Win 7 32


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I've been reading that 32Bit Win won't see over 3GB of ram. Also, I've read that my quad core q6600 cpu operates
better on DDR2 not DDR3.

It seems DDR3 is better suited for the new i7 cpu's.

Still researching


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If you have x64, I would get at least 4gb so you can take advantage of the 64 bit OS. Otherwise, you probably should have went with x86. Seeing as though you are not a gamer, I would stick with the less expensive DDR2.

My recommendation: 6 or 8 GB of DDR2.


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I think you're loosing site of what I have for a computer... I have a dual Boot Win 7 Ultimate - 64 boot and Win xp pro 32 Bit

No gaming.

I utilize the Win7 64 bit for 99% of my computing.

I only use the 32 bit Win XP to PRINT my quicken check book program and to use my scanner.

If DDR3 and DDR2 is about the same on Win7 - 64 bit why not utilize DDR3?

Possibly going up to 6 or 8 GB.

Yes, I know that XP32 bit won't see much over 3GB but what about my q6600 Quad CPU



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Thanks for your input. I think you've addressed my points! I'll take a look at the costs of DDR2 vrs DDR3.

If I have a decent choice my point was why not purchase DDR3, the newer ram. Maybe just 4GB.

Not necessarily for better performance now but perhaps reuse the chips in an upgrade.

After all, why upgrade and not use the newest!

Thanks again.

because going from DDR2 to DDR3 is an utter waste of money you'll not see any real speed incrase with that Q6600, DDR3 will run exceptionally well with an core i7 cpu but then it was made to take asvantage of it ie on die memory controller

and unless your heavily into multimedia video creation or editing , Adobe photoshop and or the like you'll most likly not see any benifit from an extra 2~4GB of ram

Yes, you will see increase with dd3, Yes it is worth because then, now you'll have a set ddr3 for any upcoming future hardware upgrades "I5-or-I7Processor-nboard?", I would def go with ddr3 if the board is capable, price off ddr3 has come down, Yes you will see a signifigant boost increase with More Ram! 4gigs-n-up. Well Worth it.

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Thanks for your answers. I guess this is where we see many points of view!

My reading seems to point to the fact that DDR3 is made for the newer CPU's ie/i5 and i7 and DDR2
is better suited for my CPU type Q660 quad.

It would be cheaper to add 2 more sticks of PC2 - 6400 ( total 2 GB ). That would give me 4GB total
and not break the bank.

Of course, as I said before, if I went with DDR3 it would be the newest thing and I could move it to a new
build. I would only need two sticks of DDR3 as I only have two DDR3 slots.

I have also read that the new Intel CPU's will have the memory built in!

Still deciding...



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UPDATE: Increasing RAM


As an update, I purchased two 1GB Sticks of DDR2 from Micro Center today. Even the salesman, on commission, at
Micro Center didn't believe that my Q6600 CPU would benefit from DDR3

The two sticks with tax after a $13 rebate = $46.43.

Thanks for all the answers

Bob :eek:

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