IMAGES Incredible close-up images give bug's eye view of the world

A photographer has got the bug for creepy-crawly close-ups – and the resulting pictures are definitely an eye-full.

Thomas Shahan uses just a digital camera and zoom lens to capture macro images of spiders and insects, zooming in on the creatures’ eyes and producing images that show them in remarkable detail.

The 21-year-old devotes incredible patience to his art, spending hours in the wild waiting for the perfect shot.

The photography student from Oklahoma, who doesn’t use any special effects on the pictures, became fascinated by the ‘beauty’ of insect’s eyes when at college four years ago.

The subjects of the shots range between those with a mere pair of eyes, while others boast four.

Among the macro images is a praying mantis, the colourful Phidippus Mystaceus spider and the rather more terrifying bold jumping spider.

One of the closest of the close-ups is of a dragon fly eye, while the four eyes of the female jumping spider set against its yellow body makes for a striking contrast.

The eyes come in myriad shapes and colours, and some are multi-coloured.

Those belonging to the Striped horse fly, robber fly, blue-faced meadow hawk, black soldier fly and the horse fly are made up of several different colours.

Unsurprisingly, Mr Shahan has developed a strong knowledge of insects and their habitats. He photographs them in their natural environments without any interference with their behaviour.

More Incredible close-up images give bug's eye view of the world

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