Information needed: Fujitsu Lifebook SH531/GFX, Nvidia graphics

Hello everyone,

I'm thinking of buying this machine, but I can't find any comprehensive description of its specifications on the net anywhere - not even on Fujitsu's site! Of course, the salesmen, being clueless as they are, could not verify what graphics it has. There's an Nvidia Geforce sticker on the front panel, but it doesn't mention the amount of graphics memory. The device manager shows both Intel and Nvidia adapters, but not much else, and neither do the system specs. So far as I could tell, it's an Nvidia Geforce 410M. So if anyone knows for sure what graphics this thing has, their help is greatly appreciated.


Fujitsu Lifebook SH531/GFX
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Intel Core i5-2430M

Thanks in advance!

Problem is, the Italian site says 1Gb of dedicated memory, while Nvidia's site says that the Geforce 410M has "up to" 512Mb. So, does is really have dedicated graphics? Switchable even? If so, how much memory, exactly? The device manager on the machine I saw shows two display adapters (Intel and Nvidia,) which suggests switchable graphics. I guess it goes without saying that Fujitsu probably have the worst website in the business!


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I agree - the specs are not clear. My reading of it is that there is an integrated graphics controller on the intel board and also an Nvidia dedicated graphics controller which (and I'd rely on this source ) Nvidia specifies as having 512Mb of dedicated memory. I suspect the 1GB referred to on the Fujitsu site must be an error as it refers to "dedicated video memory" it must be referring to the Nvidia graphics (the onboard intel graphics being shared, not dedicated) and this conflicts with the nvidia spec for the 410M.

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