I'd check with the app and look for something like 'remove plug-ins' but as I've never used Instagram I'm simply guessing.
Yeah, of course there are apps and websites where you can get more instagram followers and likes, anything you want. There are a lot of possibilities but you have to pay for them:)
By buying subscribers and likes on social networks, you have to convince yourself that this will bring you active users, and your account's popularity will increase noticeably. I own several large Instagram accounts and sometimes buy extra likes. A few months ago, my account went into a shadow ban. A small portion of my followers does my posting. So I bought extra likes here 1394TA, and for a good reason. Thanks to this, I could get activity back on the account quickly.
he is asking how to get rid of the service... of course the fact is most people don't understand the point of "likes"
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