Windows 7 Install question


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Due to getting a CODE 5 error when trying to boot from a known good DVD, is there any way I can boot the PC into a DOS type environment and then run setup from the DVD? PC reads the DVD fine but won't boot from it! I tried being crafty by
booting from an XP disk, going to the recovery console and then swapping the XP cd for the W7 DVD hoping to go to the dvd and run setup but when I go to the dvd and do a dir command it only shows me a single file named README.TXT ?

Reason for all of this is that I have an old PC which I use to test things on. Happily installs Vista BTW.
Try just going into one of your other OS's on the machine and run the disc from within the OS. If you cant do that then you must copy the files from the install disc to the partition on the hard drive and run it from there that should work. If not then you probably were given a corrupt iso. You can also use 7-zip to extract files from the iso if you still have the iso file.