install simplify chinses program in Win7 Ultimate

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    Aug 26, 2009
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    i have a problems need to seek expert advise.
    i have a windows 7 ultimate version install on my pc. and i have already installed traditional Chinese and simplify chinese language pack on my windows 7.
    i am trying to install two simplify chinese program, the 1st one is the very common IM program called QQ, 2, the other one is a financial stock quote program, they both write in china.

    in the first program, QQ, i can see the simplified Chinese text along the installation and also after the install.

    in the second program, the financial stock quote program, windows 7 cannot read the encoding from GB18030.

    i have try to switch through between simplified chinese; english and traditional chinese, the regional and language in control panel but none of it could made it appear readable simplified chinese character.

    i believe that it is due to some system setting, the reason i have this thought is because after i change a WORD or EXCEL Encoding, i can the character could become readable.

    anyone could help would be highly appreciated.

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