Install Win 7 from a bootable 4gb USB drive with 1 click.


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* Download UNetbootin tool (free) from here:
* Run the tool, and browse to your Windows 7 ISO image file and click OK and select the drive letter of your USB.
That’s all! It takes about 15 minutes to finish.
(Remember the boot sequence in your bios must be set to use the USB first.)
Advantages: You can delete ei.cfg and it will install any version, (home,
professiona, ultimate) but it's not so easy to modify files inside an ISO.
Second, Install windows in about half the time from USB... even the cheap ones
read about 25 kb/s ...while dvd reads about 5 kb/s

Important tip: If you download Windows 7 as an ISO and burn it to disk, it
may not install... To fix this, when you burn the ISO set your DVD write speed
to 4x. For some reason, burning an image at maximum spped causes failures to occur when a system reads the disk.
Although Windows 7 has a packaged ISO writing program, here is an excellent
free ISO burning program: