The major cause of problems when UPDATING from Vista to Windows 7 are programs like Antivirus, Firewalls, and the dozen or so programs that are loading when the system boots up. Save yourself a LOT of headaches and turn them all off and run Msconfig and uncheck all the boxes under startup. Then reboot and do the update. There are far less problems from people who do a clean install... where the hard drive is formatted first and Windows 7 is installed from the Custom menu after booting to the install disk. After the system is setup it can be customized to load programs automatically at startup. It's a really good idea to setup 2 or 3 programs then reboot and verify they aren't causing any failures. If you install too many, you won't have a clue about which ones are causing the problems.


The Upgrade version of Windows is actually a FULL version... it just doesn't boot without help, AND ANY Upgrade version will install ANY version of Windows 7 -- Home to Ultimate.

If you have downloaded the Upgrade version of Windows 7 (like students
with .edu email address are getting for $30) you can put the files in your "expandedsetup" folder into an iso with a program with a program like UltraISO. Then...

* Download UNetbootin tool (free) from here: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/unetbootin/UNetbootin/356/unetbootin-windows-357.exe

* Run the tool, and browse to the ISO image file and click OK. Verify it has selected the correct drive letter of your USB and click OK. That’s all!
It takes about 15 minutes to finish. (Remember the boot sequence in your bios must be set to use the USB first when you are ready to install.) Windows installs in about half the time from USB... even the cheap ones read about 25 kb/s ...while dvd reads about 5 kb/s. If the USB will not boot it's probably because the usb device you used is not high enough quality. I have some that will and some that won't. Jetflash will work.

After you have created the bootable usb with the Upgrade version of win 7 you can simply put the usb device into any computer -- set the bios to boot to it and go to CUSTOM install and install Windows 7 to a clean/new/formatted hard drive like the full version does. If you have deleted ei.cfg, when you install it will ask you which version you want to install. If you bought a key to a lesser version you can't register/activate a higher version, such as Ultimate.
There is another method to directly convert the files into a bootable iso which can be burned to disk. But the method dos not work for many people and I couldn't get it to work.


A lesser known feature in Windows 7 will save fortune 500 companies millions
Windows 7 uses 17% less energy than Vista and XP.

A typical household computer consumes $405 electricity per year. %17 reduction saves almost $70 per year PER computer... if you have 3 computers you could save over $200 per year to upgrade to Windows 7... so you would actually PROFIT at least $50 after paying $150 for the Windows 7 family pack.
If you paid the energy bills for a company that runs 7,000 computers you energy bills could drop by a HALF MILLION dollars per year if they were upgraded to Windows 7.

Many companies are replacing incandescent safety signs with self-sustaining fire (exit) safety signs and saving over $35 a year PER SIGN. That's $3,500 per year for 100 signs. If the entire nation (USA) changed over to this technology for the exit signs... it would save 70 million dollars a year in energy costs.
I wonder... are there more computers or more exit signs?

I'll give anyone a FREE computer monitor if you can find any download / internet accelerator that makes ANY increase in speed in Windows 7. Yeah.. you have to pay shipping and that would be more than an older ctr monitor is worth. But Maybe I got your attention. BECAUSE I have tested SEVERAL download accelerator programs throughly and not one make any difference.
Sure they can "fake" you into thinking they improve performance but I can do that without a program... just give me $29. Ok.. I'll show you how they trick you... first they show you the baseline test by doing something like displaying 50 images on a web page in 10 seconds. Then you run their program and do the test again.... what a surprise! It only took 2 seconds for the 50 images to load. The trick is that they are already download in your temp files folder and don't have to be downloaded again.

Another example: go to Youtube and find something that runs about 2 minutes.. like Elvis Heartbreak Hotel. Load it and wait till it starts and you can hear the song/music. Time how long it takes for the pink line (that runs ahead of your position in the video) to get to the end showing the video is fully loaded. It probably it takes 30 to 45 seconds to load the 2 minute song. Now click refresh in your browser.. Wow was that fast! It downloaded the entire song INSTANTLY in your new "test." Obviously your browser had stored the entire video in the temp files and didn't download it again.
Please prove me wrong. I will give you credit if you do.
Working with the Windows Registry


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