Windows 8 Install Win 8 in a Virtual Disk


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Jun 19, 2009
Hi all Guru's...finally decided to have a look and tried to install Win8 on a Virtual Disk (VHD) using Windows 7 disk management and following the instructions show here Guide to Installing and Booting Windows 8 Developer Preview off a VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) - Scott Hanselman

despite being able to attach the vdisk using the Command Prompt from within Win7 there was no way I was able to do the same thing during the install as required by the guide.

Other than creating a new partition and going that way are there any pointers to install on a VHD?

Have tried VirtualBox but obviously did something wrong because it spat the dummy big time.



Thanks sick of playing in the Command Prompt and decided to partition the main HD and install there from a USB stick.

Worked a treat...but having come to grips with the new system I have to wonder just where all the work has gone into it.

Once past the Metro interface the look and feel is mainly old hat. A hell of a lot of improvements in the power of the system, there's no doubt, but I feel the 'old' look needs modernizing in the final draft if they are to convince new buyers.

I think this is the 'final draft'. They probably had to spend an awful lot of resources for the ARM support (the Risc processors are very different) - and also to adapt the Metro. So there was little left to make major changes in the base.