Install WinPE x86 and WinPE x64 on UEFI machine


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I´m currently working on the parallel installation of WinPE x64 and WinPE x86 on an UEFI machine.
Up to now, I´ve managed to generate the needed WinPE image for x64 and x86 by using the Windows Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment. I was also able to install the WinPE x64 version in parallel to Windows 10 and added it successfully to the Windows bootmanager. However, when I do the same approach for the WinPE x86 version, I run into a bluescreen when I choose the WinPE x86 boot option. By doing this, I get an error, which says, that the winloader.efi file could not be found.
After doing a considerable research on the internet, I´ve not come to any decent solution to solve this error yet.

That brings me to the question, if its generally possible to Install a WinPE x64 and WinPEx84 side by side.

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Ratbald Meyer


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I'm not sure why you're trying to add either of these. The Windows recovery environment is a WinPE image, furthermore there is no reason to have both since they both do the same thing.