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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by OllG, Dec 13, 2009.

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    Over the course of trying to fix my pc, I've ran into problem after problem through the installation and getting to the point I might just simply go back to a fresh installation of XP; far too much hassle for something I was looking forward to.

    First of all I'd like to explain my problem, My strong system with decent hardware decided to run slowely one night after being on for a good while. So i thought meh this is weird, it's just been on a while. I restart and i get the slow freezing so i determine I'm stuffed basically and go for a fresh install of an OS, and I thought hey I might aswell give Windows 7 a go, i've heard good things as apposed to vista whiched i've never touched.

    So i'm going from a faulty XP system - > Windows 7.
    I'm using a Pro edition from my Uni microsoft msdn. First of all I don't know if it's my DVD writing capabilities that are at fault or not, i've made about 7 different versions now and the errors coming from the installations aren't useful in the slightest. First time I ran it I had a problem saying something about offline locale, this appears towards the end of the installation, which isn't a short job. So i read the problem was down to partitioning that was there from my old XP installation, it randomly made a 12mb partition with nothing in it, so i remove it... really informative error message.

    Then i fixed that i get something about corrupted files, so I read guides on getting a decent burnt iso image, and I'm at the stage now where I have one good copy, i know it's fine and my others probably are too.

    Now I'm getting to the end of the installations and I'm getting problems about a corrupt file in my iso relating to amd64, when I don't have an amd system, it advises me to run a chkdsk, but i can't set one to run because i cant boot my system up from my faulty XP failings, so now I've got a system that can't even run a chuffing simple installation, and I'm supposed to chkdsk a perfectly fine formatted drive.

    Any advise on how to solve this nuisence of a installation is greatly appreciated, my system's been out of use for about 4 days now and I need to use it, so if I don't get it solved soon I'm simply going to go elsewhere to a different OS; I know this is only an advise service but well... I'm hopeful someone can help

    So basically I'm wondering how to solve this chkdsk problem. Cheers
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    Did you try downloading the ISO again to see if it was corrupt? When you burn use slowest speed 4X max. You can use Imagburn The Official ImgBurn Website I assume this a legit ISO download and not from torrent sites. Did you format the Drive?

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