Installations can't access some folder in Users

To begin with, I had issues and some files could not install. Then I realized that the files couldn't access some weird named folders in Users. I tried to install a logitech driver and I got the error that the path specified basically did not exist. The path was C:/Users/05e~1/AppData and something after that I can't recall. I checked myself in the users folder with show hidden enabled and I could't see any folder, I could be wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi George,

It's important to temporarily disable or turn off any anti-virus, anti-spyware, or other firewall type security software such as Norton, McAfee, or Avast PRIOR to installing drivers for any built in devices on your machine or any add-on external devices such as a logitech mouse or a printer for example. Failing to do, these programs BLOCK access to the Windows Registry where the install information is written to your hard drive.

Also, with USB devices such as mice or keyboards, it's very important to run the INSTALL disc BEFORE actually plugging in the mouse or keyboard to your computer. Running it the other way, will cause Registry errors. You can roll your system back using System Restore to a time prior to your first installing the USB device, which will undo your Registry damage; and then attempt the reinstall of the logitech device per my instructions above.

Also, is your machine a desktop or a laptop? Make/Model would also be helpful.

Let us know how it goes.


Hi, thanks for the reply,

I have no anti-virus software, in fact, one that I tried failed to install in the first place. As with that you are saying with USB devices, I have not installed the driver from the disc, but before the reinstall of windows after which the issues started to appear (I know, I should have mentioned that) I had no issues and I ran the exact same USB devices without the drivers. And if I now install the drivers, will I have to rollback windows? I am not very comfortable with doing this kind of stuff because it's not my computer.

My machine is a desktop computer. It's not of a particular make, let's say it's "custom built". If you asked that to see if there were any compatibility issues I have ran a tool from windows and it said it has no issues.

Again, thanks for the reply!


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Sure thing.

Thanks for your answers. So, is the computer with the logitech usb issue your machine, or your friend's?? I'm a little confused here.

Let's talk about the first machine you talked about. Make/Model of that computer please! And what version of Windows it is running currently. This shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

Just because you don't think you have any anti-virus software installed (or rather your friend), doesn't mean it's not there. If you friend's computer is running Windows XP up to and including Windows8.1; they all come with built-in anti-virus and firewall software installed on the machine as part of Windows. Depending on your friend's computer and his/her version of Windows installed, it will be either Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials(MSE). In most cases, when a person buys a new laptop or desktop computer, these programs are turned ON by default. Which means until you DISABLE them, they will effectively BLOCK driver installs, even from USB peripherals such as Mice, Keyboards, and Printers without physically installing any drivers from CD disc.

Once you can let us know what your friend's computer specs are, and the version of Windows being run, I can be more specific and provide you some resource links on how to disable what's being run.

To query you further, why did your friend ask you to reinstall his/her Windows in the first place? Did you do that just to straighten out a Mouse or Keyboard issue?? Kinda like throwing the baby out with the bathwater don't you think?

Also, did you use legit Microsoft or OEM (Dell, HP, Gateway, etc.) Factory Recovery Discs to reinstall your friend's Windows? If not, and you are using a copy someone or your friend gave you, those usually do not work, as they are nearly impossible to copy, and most copies don't do a proper Windows reinstall. Your problem with usb devices could easily come from that scenario. I see that all the time and just saw it 2 weeks ago on a HP-Compaq nc8430 laptop. Customer had a "Win7 disc" in his DVD drive with no writing on it that he said was a good Win7 install disc. Turned out it wasn't; don't know where he got it from or how, or he just wasn't telling me since he suspected it was an illegal copy and may have been afraid that I was going to turn him in to the Cyber-police. He bought the laptop on ebay and tried to upgrade it from XP to Win7 himself and it failed horribly.

I'll give you some more things to try once I get more info on your friend's machine.

In the meantime, if you are not comfortable fooling around with your friend's computer, whether or not they are paying you to fix it, since you are not a professional; I'm here to tell you that he/she will hold you responsible if you scramble their laptop either way **been there, done that!**. I would strongly urge you to take it to your local licensed Computer Pro and have them look at it. Even if your friend can't afford it, YOU should pay for it, since if you mess it up--you will be held responsible, both morally and legally. And, most importantly of all: BEFORE YOU MAKE ANY MORE CHANGES TO YOUR FRIEND'S COMPUTER, MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP ALL HIS/HER PERSONAL DATA TO EXTERNAL MEDIA!!!. IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW, YOU SHOULD PAY A TECH-SAVVY PERSON OR COMPUTER PRO TO DO FOR YOU!!

That's it for now,


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Windows Defender became (replaced) MSE beginning with Windows 8 -

MSE and Windows Defender were 2 completely separate things in Vista + Windows 7. MSE had to be downloaded and installed for Vista + W7.

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