Windows 7 Installing HP Photosmart Printer


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Jan 15, 2009
CD won't install printer software. Says upgrade os to xp or vista. Windows 7 recognized the wireless printer and downloaded driver asked to print test page. No response.

I had no problems with my HP 2175 all-in-one. I didn't have to install the software. 7 had it up and runnig after the install. Are you running the 32 or 64 bit version?
Its a wireless version. Just came out. I wouldn't recomend installing the software myself. Just trying to get the print features to run. Windows 7 did a nice job of locating the printer (no cords) and said it downloaded the driver.

I then try to print get a little data icon in my whats printing now for about 1 second and then it disapears. Nothing gets printed. Nothing in queue.

Cd said I needed to upgrade to vista or xp. I say ha ha. Seems like a downgrade.
Networked Photosmart

I use a Photosmart 3210 all in one. All I had to do was turn on the printer and Windows 7 ask me if I wanted to install the drivers for it, It work just fine and put the proper driver on boath computers. It was so easy :D

Thomas :cool:
Hp printers seem to be working ok without the software. Just the driver downloads. Yet, does anybody have a wireless printer ( a network connection between printer and computer, not usb to computer) able to work). Mine doesn't
6310 All in one

Tonight I tried to install the 6310 All in one printers software. The issue that I ran into is when the installer went out to find the printer it could not find the printer. The printer is hooked up via ethernet. I can ping the ip address but the installer can not find the printer. If I go to Add a printer then win7 can find the printer on the network. Unfortunately I do not have access to the HP printer tools.

The printer does work under Win7.
I have an HP Photosmart 2710 all-in-one wireless machine. Windows 7 found the printer, installed the drivers and asked if I wanted to print a test page. I haven't done that yet, but feel confident it will work.
Do it man. Go into the control panel, hardware and sound, devices and printers and check to see if your printer is listed and has a big green check mark. If it does it will work. :)
Thanks MaddMaxx. Yes, my printer is listed. It is so much easier to install the printer in Vista and Windows 7 than XP (download a large file, or use a CD). Ubuntu and several other Linux distributions install the same way as Vista and 7 - recognizing it and then downloading drivers.
HP Photosmart 1215 compatible with 8200 series

I visited the Vista Forums on this site and received helpful tips on how to get my HP Photosmart 1215 working.

Most of the posters were recommending going with the 7200 series drivers. Funny thing is that Windows 7 lists a C7200 and a D7200 series when I do an Add Printer and manually select from the list of manufacturers. Someone in that thread also hinted that the 8200 series works as well, so I went with that since there was one choice.

I selected the HP Photosmart 8200 series driver and made sure that my port selection was DOT 4 for the USB connection.

The result is that my printer shows as an 8200 photosmart and so far I have been able to print fine from the web and can print email from Thunderbird. Haven't tried a Word doc yet, but I suspect that will not be an issue.

Just thought I would pass that along.
Sometimes when you are installing software in windows 7 you will be asked if it isn't compatible with windows 7(In troubleshooting) what version is it compatible with and you say vista and the software will install. I was able to install the HP software suite (Its been a while) by changing the cd to xp compatibility i think. Could use vista compatibility. Havent done that though.
works fine if connected via USB, fails over wireless


To continue this thread....has anybody got this to work wirelessly?

Printer is green-ok in Printers & Drivers and basic Win 7 driver is installed but only get success printing via USB. Fails if I print wirelessly since Win 7 thinks printer is "offline" (its not).

Cheers, Alan
go to hp support download your photosmart software full features should be version 13 might be version 12. Download HP solution center version 13 runs nice on windows 7. Its kind of buggy on vista and xp which is there verison 12 of solution center but version 13 which came out in october should work well for you.:)
I have the C6280 All-in-One printer. The Windows 7 download from HP works great on my desktop using wired Ethernet. On my laptop it will do everything wirelessly except print. I removed it from my laptop and installed the one for Vista using Vista compatible mode. Works great.
Again the version made specifically for windows 7 came out from hp in late october to match windows 7 retail. It is much improved as far as connectivity and functionality. It is for windows 7 only though.

They have the older version that is for vista and xp.
no Win7 compatible download...


Thanks for the tips confused.

Unfortunately I have a Photosmart 2710. When I goto Select Software and Drivers there's nothing for Win7 for my printer. Sigh!

p.s. how come HP havent rev'ed Solution Center to v13? Looks like you need to get v12 and then a patch.

Cheers, Alan
Shucks!! Well what I used to do in the windows 7 beta days was download the full software suite from hp save to desktop. Go in and change the compatibility to vista and then install. I'm not sure I would be doing that with my new retail version although it worked fine installing it that way.

Maybe get another opinion.
will keep trying to get Win7 + Photosmart 2710 wifi goin...

thanks confused.

As u can see from Link Removed - Invalid URL there's several ppl struggling with this.

I could probably hack it to work via Vista 64 bit download but as we can see from post URL above there are several side-effects...

Cheers, Alan
Obviously the hp printer is pretty important:

You can always uninstall if it doesn't work or if very desperate system restore to yesterday. HP is pretty picky about what version your installing it on. If there is no full suite for windows 7 you can download the vista full suite. Save to desktop, then setup.exe/properties/compatibility/choose vista. Click run and it should install. I have a photosmart wireless and that method worked "pretty well".

The cd doesn't work the vista software without compatibility mode doesn't work, it only installs correctly by using compatibility mode.

My printer lphotosmart wireless software for windows 7 just came out and its( as mentioned) much nicer. That was like october 20 something.
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