Installing program without Administrator access


I need some help, I have an old dell latitude e7240, and I wanted to use it for CES Granta, because I use MacBooks however this program cannot run on that OS. So the issue is when I try to install a program it asks for administrator login. I don't know my old administrator login details, actually I don't even remember creating any other user then the one I am using right now, but it still asks for the administrator login. Is there any way I can bypass this to just run this program? Or any way I can somehow get that administrator login? It is Windows 7 operating system.

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In Windows an administrator user account runs in a standard user access level. When something requires elevated access such as installing a program UAC is triggered. When accepting UAC a separate access token is created for the admin user and the install runs with that access token to complete the install. If what you're trying to install is an older application it may not support UAC, in this case you can right click the installer and force UAC by selecting 'Run As Administrator'

To confirm your user is an administrator you can open a command prompt and type
net user <username> and look at Local Group Membership for the administrators group
So basically this is a 2017 software which I want to install and it is pretty big software. So in the command prompt when I put the command and my username it brings out a lot of options each beginning with username. So I don't know what to do with that. So is there anything I can do about this user account control?

Hey so basically I lost my administrator access and I can't find the password anywhere. So I decided that I will reinstall windows with a bootable usb containing windows 7 pro, as I have all my files on my user account which I copied already. There is a licence key on the bottom of the laptop under the battery. Can this license key be used if I put a clean windows 7 pro on it (the license says windows 7 pro and product key underneath)? This sticker came with the original dell latitude laptop.

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No need to re-install. If you have access to another computer just download Hiren and create a bootable usb and use the offline NT password reset tool. You can reset a password or enable the built-in administrator account with a blank password and resolve your issues.
I tried doing it but an error message pops up after booting up. It works but then an error message, I also tried ophrcrack but it was too complicated for it to crack :(. So I just reinstalled.