Don't have administrator access. Want to defrag and install new program


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Don't have administrator access. Want to defrag and install new prograI am using a laptop with following sepc:

ThinkPad lenovo laptop, T410i
Windows 7 Professional 64bit

This laptop is companie's one and I am using at home.
I don't have administrator access and neither I have the password for administrator.
Company has defined a user account for me and I only can log on with it.
I think these steps are for security reasons not to crash the laptop.

Now that I want to defrag the computer, it asks me to login as administrator account.
Or I want to install a new program and I can't. This is very annoying.
Is there any way to install only in my own user account?

When I explained the matter to IT officer in the company, she told that I should take the laptop to the company and they will take care of the issue.
BTW the head office is 600 km away.


Well, 600km is definitely too far to walk. :confused:

I would phone them at the IT dept and explain your problem and see if they would give you some help.

Dealing with Company owned laptops can get sticky. They really don't want you messing with it.
Without ever saying a word, they've already told you that, by giving you a limited user account and
locking you out of the administrator account. Eh?

Just run it to do what you need to do for the company and nothing more.

Many experts agree that you don't need to defrag Windows 7, like you did with older Operating Systems.
I'd not worry about that.

Good Luck to you!


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Sadly, there is no way for you to by pass that. I'd advise doing what OldTimer says and go along with calling the IT department and seeing if they will assist you with that.

It may sound harsh, but I think the key to this whole dialog, is.... "It's not your computer".
It belongs to the "Company" and they are just letting you use it during your employment there.

I work on computers in Home Offices quite often. But I can only work on the PC that's owned
by the home owner, not the one owned by the "Company" that employs them.

I've been asked to do this or that to the "Company PC" and I respectfully decline.
If I did anything to a "Company PC" my liability could be horrendous. I just won't go there.

Good Luck!

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