Installing windows 10 to an old macbook air 2008


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Long shot this but i have an old macbook air, 2008 model, that's been sitting in the cupboard for years, I wiped it to put Linux on it, which is ok, i was just trying it out really, to see what linux was like but i want to ideally put windows 10 on it .... i know it will be slow but its just to use it for one reason, work related.

So when i put linux on it, it was easy enough, my usb drive appeared in the boot menu, however i have windows 10 on my usb now and it just never shows in the boot menu, does anybody know why this might be? Is it not possible due to i dont know some restrictions via mac to windows or is it because since i wiped the mac os, i have put ubuntu on it?

I need windows 10 on it to download the work programme for it, i have it on my other laptop but was trying to make use of the old mac and means it frees up my other laptop.

If it cant be done so be it but i was just wondering, any help will be much appreciated.



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Can't say for certain since I don't touch Apple, but I would say even if it were possible it's probably not going to run very well, and driver support would likely be a nightmare if even possible.