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Windows 7 Insufficient Windows authorization?


New Member
May 14, 2009

I have been getting a warning saying that I have Insufficient Windows authorization? when trying to access my onliine banking, even though I am logged in on an administrator account. Also get that message when using Spybot search and Destroy when trying to immunise the system. Anyone any ideas?
Turn off UAC

Ran into the same problem on several occasions. The problem here is one of language, they tell you that you are logged in as administrator but you really don't have full administrative privileges thanks to User Access Control. You can got to Control Panel/Users and click on Change User Account control settings. then pull the slider down to "Never Notify." You will get a warning message but you can ignore it. Now close everything and make the changes you were trying to make to the system.

I would recommend that after you have made all the changes you need to make that you go back and move the slider back to its original default position so that you security is not compromised.
solved spybot problem

I solved the spybot problem by right clicking the icon and selecting run as administrator