Windows 10 Intel Graphics 3000 "code 43" Creators Update


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Sep 24, 2015
I just ran the creator's update on my computer and everything worked fine, except now my Intel Graphics 3000 driver won't start, so Windows is using the generic display driver, causing occasional glitches on my screen. I tried to see if there was an update, but my graphics card is already updated to the latest driver (5/19/16), and Windows Update didn't download anything. How do I get my graphics driver to start?
nerdyguy … nice to see you're still around.

took a few moments to check google … your particular graphics-card (intel-3000) is not supported within microsoft's win-10 framework. so, i found a single work-around that seems to work for others … suggesting uninstall current driver and install driver from a previous release (8.0 or 7.0). [you may also wish to create a system-restore point … though, from what i've heard, this has no effect on drivers.]

it's also suggested that you disable automatic 'driver' updates … else, you will inadvertently download the problematic intel driver the next time microsoft performs it's obligatory update.

if you have already tried the resolution above, and it has not worked, nerdyguy … reply and someone else may be able to get you back on the road again. pls include in your reply:
  • which os was installed originally …
  • if the graphics-card is oem (original)
  • model/make of your computer.
feel free to read both articles listed below, nerdyguy … as they do offer what seems to be pertinent advice 'n knowledge.

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Original OS was Windows 10 1607. Model is Dell Latitude E6420. Nothing that was suggested worked, so I guess 1703 doesn't support Intel graphics 3000. I will roll back to 1607.
Well, it's probably a hardware compatibility issue. Technically your laptop came with W7 and is now 8 years old. A quick check of Dell's support website shows that W10 is not supported for your laptop on their website.:headache: This usually means you will experience one or more hardware incompatibility issues with your laptop. Microsoft guarantees that W10 will run on ANY computer that came from the factory with W7/W8x pre-loaded. However, there are always exceptions here.

My guess, Microsoft never put in drivers into the latest W10 Creators Update (April 2017) that works with your Intel Graphics chip; even though it worked with W10 AU (Anniversary Update; July 2016). You could try and call Microsoft and have their support look at your issue and see if they can help. Be aware, that since Dell has no W10 driver support on their site, it's up to Microsoft to see if they can make it work for you. You will be on hold for hours, and they will charge you $39 to $99 US unless you bought a maintenance contract 8 years ago when you purchased that laptop which most home users rarely do. Just want you to be prepared. That laptop only has 2 years of life left on it from a hardware perspective, so you might just run v1607 on it for 2 years, and replace it with something else at that point.

My recommendation anyway.

Oh damn it. Just googling the device + windows 10 gets you the link. My apologies the link stopped working. They seem to be timed links.
actually … s'not a timed link … just an inadvertent dbl-paste within the link-field:
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