Intel Pentium 4 HT 3.00 Maximum Temperature


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I just got around to installing Speedfan on my IBM ThinkCentre M52 and was surprised at how hot it is running (see screenshot) M52 Speedfan.png Both the processor and internal hard drives are much higher than I'm accustomed to. I know that the hard drive is too hot, but with the design of the case, I can't think of any way to cool it down. The case only has 2 intake fans, both of which are directed through a baffle to the processor. The hard drive is left to it's own devices. Therefore, for the moment I'm focusing on the processor, and I've not been able to locate any official temperature spec for it. I've read a number of forum threads where in general, this is the subject of discussion, but they are only a variety of opinions. Is there nothing published as to a precise temperature limit on this processor?

EDIT: I just noticed that the screenshot I took was at a moment when it was cooler than normal. It seems to average ~70-75 degrees, with spikes as high as 85 degrees.


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I finally found what I was looking for:

But being an AMD person, I'm still somewhat lost. It gives the TDP as 84 degrees and Tcase as 67.7 degrees, but neither of these mean too much to me in terms of evaluating the current temp environment of my computer.


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This IBM you have, is the case and actual tower or one of those lay down flat styles? With retail PC's, ventilation is not a fore thought. My suggestion would be to buy and after market case that supports excellent ventilation and airflow and transfer all your components into it.


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No, not a tower, just a little lay down flat type (makes a great monitor stand). In general I would agree with you about getting a better case, but nothing in this computer is designed to be used anywhere except where it is, except the drives, and I'm not too sure about the floppy. Besides that, the amount that I'm willing to budget on this computer wouldn't permit it even were it possible.

I've been trying to determine exactly what the fans in this case are, and I guess the only way I'm going to do that is to open the case and see for myself, because I'm finding that IBM is not the world's greatest at giving clear, straight forward information. This is only my second IBM computer, and it will probably be my last.


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How long is that CPU been serving you? If it's been serving you for more than 5 years, it's probably a good idea to take the CPU out, clean it and re-apply a new thermal paste for better heat dissipation.


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No, I just got this computer a few weeks ago, and I've already cleaned and pasted it.

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