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I dual-boot Windows 7 & 8. Now, I could switch to 7 & verify this but, I think my recollection is correct. In 7, after getting the Windows Experience Index, one could View Details but, I recall it being about what the number means & how it was derived. We would often use Everest (or the like) & tell customers to use it, to know what was inside a case (tower or laptop).

Now, there are lots of cool subtleties in Windows8 & the neat details make the whole. Many of you may well, already, be aware of this one but, anyway...

I hope the picture can be seen well. This is what, in Windows8, you get from hitting, "View and print detailed performance and system information", in the "Performance Information and Tools" window.



Ok, I went back, briefly, to 7 & I'd better revise this. 1st the use & suggestion of Everest would be something I was applying, @ least, pre Windows7. I say this because, one DOES get this same info in either 7 or 8. The difference & maybe partially leading to my misstatement, is that there IS a link in the Index window of 7 explaining what the Index is (about) & what a machine's Index value means & how it is determined... that is not in the Windows8 Index window. Obviously, would have been good had I dbl checked in 7 rather than going by memory of something I'd not looked @ recently.

I'll plead momentary senility... this better be the only 2 moments of that, the 1st & the last.


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