Windows 7 Internet connection when logging in


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May 4, 2013
I have recently begun to have a internet connection issue with my W7 Dell Precision T3500 desktop when I first login to my account on the computer. Usually, I login into my account and the internet is connected. Recently, I did a fresh reinstall of W7 on the machine to help speed it up. Now when I login, the internet is not connected. In order to solve this issue, I go to the "adapter settings" in the "network and sharing center," and on my connection (LAN), I have to first disable IPv4, click ok, go back in and enable IPv4 and disable IPv6, click ok, go back in and enable IPv6. So by toggling the internet protocols for my connection, my computer finds an internet connection. I would like to avoid doing this and have my computer find a connection as soon as I login. Any idea on what is causing this issue? Thanks.

Hey PittEngineering,

You may want to Delete your current networking settings and re-configure them so that you do not have to go through the issues you are experiencing. At the link below are step by step instructions for setting up your wired or wireless network.

Dell Networking and Wireless Support Center
Networking and Wireless Support Center | Dell US