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I just got a Dell Studio XPS and have been unable to connect to my home wireless network. I've connected the laptop directly to the router and was able to get on the internet but I haven't been able to access the wireless. The router is working; as I am still able to use the wireless with my old Dell Inspiron and the Studio is able to detect the network being broadcast.

When I try to ping the router, the request times out.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Have you reset the router.

What is the distance between the router an computer?

Have you lost WEP/WPA key stored by Wireless Zero Configuration service

Try this priogram
WirelessNetView v1.26

Thanks for the reply. I've reset the router and the computer is 25 feet or so from the router. I haven't lost the key.

I have a computer running xp that is able to pick up the signal. But my Dell Studio running Windows 7 does not think that the router is connected to the internet.

I can get to the router's admin page from the Dell Studio; and the security mode is WPA2 Personal. Should I try changing that to WEP?


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Possible, dud this occur immediately after install or some time later?

Dud you install any new software or make any major changes to you re computer?

I have about 20 knows fixes for connection problems listed in the link in my tagline. Hope something can help your situation.


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How about router firmware?

And the make and model of your router?


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Have you tried going back to square 1 and setting up the whol wireless network again?
Just in case:
Conrol panel. (icon view) - Network and sharing centre - Set up a new connection or network - manuall connect to a wireless network.

It turned out to be a firmware issue. Thank you everyone for all of the suggestions.

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