Internet google and browsing issues

I have just got original Windows 7(64) trough MSDNA .
All working fine but if I wanna browse the net several issues pop up/

1.Explorer is totaly off os aint working. i have tried multiple browsers like google chrome FF opera
now im using(or tring to use) FF.
There are some websites like Windows 7forums or youtube i can acess they work perfectly. but if i try to go to
or gmail The address is not valid error pops up.
2.if i try to downlad something like adobe flash player or the registryBooster trough this site
its all the same The address is not valid .

it might have something bloking these. i use a router connected to another PC with Xp no issues there.
playing on the net is working cool btw

pls help if you can.


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There is no flash player for 64-bit windows.

Go to the C:\Program\ram Files (x86) directory, click on the Internet Explorer directory and use Internet Explorer there.

Go to Start , Run, anf type cmd, now type ping can you now get to Google?

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I pinged the stuff restarted the computer and now its working correctly.

Thx for the help i dunno that happend but it works now fine. :D

thx for the help

The same problem popped up again i dunno what the hell...
the troubbleshooting service says that DNS server aint responding.
can i do something with that ?

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Was this a"clean" install or an upgrade?

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