Internet losing connection every 30 seconds

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    my internet was working fine for about a month but now its started disconnecting randomly (sometimes every 10 min. some time every 10 seconds) i just bought an asus cg5270 with windows premium 64 bit ive had it for about a month then this started happening. i took it to best buy and they told me it was software related because it couldnt connect to there network. they told me to restore my computer which i did but im still having the same problem . my dad says his laptop is fine and not having problems so i dont think its the modem/router but i could be wrong (ill go check my xbox and iphone for the same problem) ive tried turning off the firewall and renewing my ip address (ipconfig/renewip) none of which fixed the problem. if anyone could help me out it woud be greatly appreciated

    edit: it appears my xbox and iphone are having the same problem...
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