Windows Vista internet speed suckage


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Feb 1, 2009
Has anyone noticed a serious SUCKAGE of internet speed with 7022? my torrents are taking FOREVER to d/load. and i don't mean overnight, i mean DAYS, and utorrent indicates weeks to finish d/loading. I called my ISP when i had 2 second Ping times, and they reprovisioned my cable modem. It didn't help. anythoughts? I checked pings from the wifi router and from the puter through the router. they are the same. I have no clue. there is a short piece of coax going from the wall to the modem, no probs with that, they said signal strength is great. Node Saturation is within norms(which means less than 15k users on a 30k user node) and says this:

which is pretty good for peak usage times on cable. Also, i topped out my connection(15 mbit) about 20 mins ago.. so i have no freaking clue.

nevermind, turns out i'm stupid.. once i forwarded the port and changed torrent clients to one that doesn't blow, it works great.
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