Interupt Exception Not Handled - Caused by driver tcpip.sys


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On random occasions (not that often), I get a BSOD - 'Interrupt Not Handled'. Initially I thought it only happened when I was using my Marvell Controller as opposed to Intel but the dump check seems to suggest otherwise, any thoughts to the cause of this?

System: Rampage III Formula, Mushkin 12gb Redline, i7 930@ 3.8ghz, Windows 7 64bit Home Premium, EVGA GTX580 @ 840.


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Hello and welcome to the forums.
Please read the first post in this sticky thread here How to ask for help with a BSOD problem
Do your best to accumulate the data required.
Run the SF Diagnostic tool (download and right click the executable and choose run as administrator)
Download and run CPUz. Use the Windows snipping tool to gather images from all tabs including all slots populated with memory under the SPD tab.
Likewise RAMMon. Export the html report, put everything into a desktop folder that you've created for this purpose, zip it up and attach it to your next post (right click it and choose send to, compressed (zipped) folder.
Good luck

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