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I am having this annoying issue. I cant play because it just disconnects too often. I have this Computer connected to LAN and 5 more devices connected to Wireless and I don't know what the cause is because in the list of devices connected to the network it shows their IP Address next to them and None of them have identical address. You can see by yourself in the image that I uploaded.
I have no idea what this DHCP or if I need it. Trying to learn things so complex like that make my head burn.
At least I know I am using a Dynamic IP Address and that it obtains its IP automatically. Since the devices dont have the same IP I believe changing the IP isnt going to fix anything. I havent try it cause I really dont want to messed up my connection and end up not having any connection at all. I just want to do whatever you guys say cause I know you are experts even if you dont consider yourselves like that.

I also tried disabling Internet protocol Version 6 but I cant access the network when it is disabled. And I updated my Router's firmware too.

I know I havent provided enough information, Im hoping you just ask me for what you need to know.



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Hi Manuel Perez
1. Dhcp hands out the ip address when new devices try to connect to your network;
2. In your case it is running on the netgear router (
3. The scope you have appears to need adjusting… set the first number to something higher like ( and the end to at least .1.100 so that the numbers handed out are well away from the routers own address of .1.1

p.s. Hope you aren’t trying to play steam at the same time as running a torrent… that would be asking too much from a windows 7 network.

Well, you have identified me. I do use Torrent and Steam's games at the same time. Im like, how the heck did you know that, lolz.
After half a day or so the problem stopped happening so often, then it happened sometimes, now lets see of it stops at all...
Thank You. I really appreciate it :)

Well, the problem apparently hasnt stopped. And it usually happenes late at night for some reasons. I am not sure how to change the IP because:
1) there are 2 Protocol versions (4 and 6)
2) In each protocol version there is the IP address, subnet Mask and Default Gateway.

I already input these numpers in the IP Address box and after hitting OK it automatically filled in some numbers in the Subnet Mask. but then after I close everything I dont have internet access because "DHCP is not anable for local area connection" So, in the end I didnt know how to do it. So I had to restore my settings to the original settings.

I cant play because it disconnects and quickly re-connects. A lot of times I went to my desktop screen to see if it was a connection problem from my ISP/machine or just the game, so I didnt know what ws really happening until i got there in time to see it lolz.
When it happens, even if reconnects quickly the game still kicks me out so, i cant play like that.


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you use ip 4 (not 6), the ip address should be set to auto, the submask will default to and thats ok... the default gateway (in your case) is the router i.e.

the scope settings you need to fix are part of the dhcp and you can get into them by logging into your router with a web browser.

Nothing of that worked. I called the Cable company and they came a fixed it. They said it was because the cable in the back of he building was too loose.
I didnt try the DHCP thing you suggested cuz I really know nothing about it, nor what it is and when i try to learn my head ovrloads lolz, But I really do appreciate all the help tho
It is really nice knowing there are people there helping in that way, I just hope that one day I can become part of you, once I become experienced and knowledgeable :D <3


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I'm happy its working again, now... back to gaming!

Yes.I have had the same problems years ago when squirrels thought my areal cable line was food...lol. Loose connection or not. food or not. Still leave the same results and to a intermittent broadband signal. LOL. Glad it is fixed...

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