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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by sdlangford, Oct 7, 2012.

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    Oct 7, 2012
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    I have recently experienced a problem with my main PC which is running W7 (64).

    It is hard wired into a D Link DSL-G624T Router and has been for a year and a half without problems.

    A week ago i started losing internet connectivity, and this was fixed with going through the WIndows resettinghelp process. However now i have no connection at all.

    Firstly, i can confirm the wireless network and connections are fine as my 3 daughters can use there laptops and connect without issue.

    However the main pc is dead, no connection.

    I have read many threads on this forum which i believe are the same issue, with many associated fixes, none that seem to work for me.

    THis is what i have tried so far;

    1. New cable from router to pc.
    2. Reset router, NIC etc many times.
    3. System restore to last month.
    4. In the CMD window IPCONFIG/RELEASE results in an error message saying no IP address has been set by ?
    5. In the CMD window IPCONFIG/RENEW results in an error message from DHCP and times out.
    6. Uninstalled BONJOUR.

    Still i get no network, and if i run IPCONFIG i get an IP address of is obviously worng as the other computers are using and 3, 4 etc.

    When i troubleshot the connection with WindowsNetwork Diagnostics i get a message saying "LAN doesnt have a valid IP configuration".

    Im at a loss, its as though the router has died !

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated.


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    If you have not tried delete the NIC in the devices and reboot windows and let it reinstall.
    Two other things I can think of are, since wireless works maybe the switch portion of the router went bad. Quick test connect laptop via cable (if you did this I could not quite tell from your description of the laptops working). The other is the NIC went bad on your PC.
    If you have 2 connections on your MB you could try the other one. If not go buy a PCI Nic card and install, if it fixes it, happy days, if not return for refund (may have to pay a restocking fee).

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