Windows 10 IP security rules to IP security policy


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This is my first post and need some help with adding IP security rules to IP security policy.

Setting IP security policies on local computer.

We have already created IP security policy and blocked the internet.
But we need to allow/add certain DNS (WebURL).

This rule does not specify a tunnel
Network type "All network connections"
Add IP filter list
Name the IP filter list
Add description
Source address as "Any IP address".
Destination address as "a specific DNS Name" and then specify the Hostname.
Select a protocol type as TCP.
Allow and then permit the filter.

Question is there any powercli command or script to do as I need to add many "IP security rule".
Thank you.
There is a block internet IP security policy applied at the windows OS level and we apply security rule on the block internet policy so certain web url or IP's are allowed.
Not sure allow/deny from firewall works with the current IP sec policy. I will check thank you.
I don't know your requirements, but if all systems are within a corporate network the host based blocks are probably unnecessary and could be handled at a border firewall. It is also possible to bypass those local blocks.